Back to the Start: Free 52 – January

So, here we are, hard at it again for another year. I didn’t give up freelensing last year, but I did give up participating in the blog circles. I’ll be honest, I fell into a big funk at the end of 2016. And to be really really honest, I still feel like I’m in that slump :/ But, I decided to slog onward and keep going with a new 365 project, and so I also opted to jump back on board with the Free 52 project.

So here we go with my favourite freelensed images from January. Please feel free to head on through the blog circle and check out the gorgeous work by April Christopher at Little Trees Photography here.



5 thoughts on “Back to the Start: Free 52 – January

  1. I’m so glad you’re in this again, yay! So sorry to hear about your slump – been there, friend. Love all of these images. That light walk, the in the home shots, just everything is perfect!


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