Free 52: April

April was a busy hustle of work, play, a hospital visit with some stitches, then work, work, and more work. And while the month began with a myriad of tones of brown, it ended with green and even a flower here and there.
For this month, I have a hodge podge of freelensed images that I managed to sneak in here and there.
Be sure to take a look at Julie Godbolt‘s fantastic freelensed images from last month!



Free 52 2017: March

So long, March! The snow is (mostly) gone, the plants are starting to grow again, the days are getting longer and warmer, soon it will really start feeling like spring ūüėÄ I can’t wait!
March wasn’t an overly creative month on my end. The spring cleaning bug has hit and I’ve been staying fairly preoccupied with that (and we’ve decided to give our house a mini-face-lift, which is helping keep things crazy). But here are some of my favourite freelensed images from the month.
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Be sure to follow the blog circle for more freelensing goodness by going to check out Katie Woodard Photography‘s beautiful freelensed work from March.

2017 Free 52 – February

February is always a tough month to get through. Just another month of darkness as I’m working through the daylight hours, cold, darkness, snow, and well, darkness. For the third (sometimes fourth) month in a row. All I want is spring, and yet I know we have at least another month, sometimes two, to go even after February is done. Some days, it’s hard to feel creative when everything feels so uninspiring.

But, we made it. We’re that much closer to spring (hooray!). Here is a selection of my favourite freelensed images from February. Be sure to follow the blog circle to see some more gorgeous work by some super talented artists! You can check out April’s freelensed work at Little Trees Photography¬†here.


Back to the Start: Free 52 – January

So, here we are, hard at it again for another year. I didn’t give up freelensing last year, but I did give up participating in the blog circles. I’ll be honest, I fell into a big funk at the end of 2016. And to be really really honest, I still feel like I’m in that slump :/ But, I decided to slog onward and keep going with a new 365 project, and so I also opted to jump back on board with the Free 52 project.

So here we go with my favourite freelensed images from January. Please feel free to head on through the blog circle and check out the gorgeous work by April Christopher at Little Trees Photography here.


Free 52: August

August was a busy month around here and just seemed to fly by. I found I didn’t freelense as much as normal, likely because there was always something to do that I wasn’t letting myself spend time to play around while making photos.
Here are a select few images from the month that tell a bit about our time as summer has rolled to a close.
Be sure to follow the blog circle and visit Little Trees Photography. April’s work is absolutely wonderful!
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Free 52: July

July is probably one of my favourite months of the year. Summer is in full swing, the kids are fresh out of school, the veggie garden is starting to produce, and camping trips to the lake are a regular occurrence. This July has been much rainier and cooler than usual however, and wasn’t providing the same ‘summer’ feel. But we still got some sun and had plenty of fun days.
Below are some of my favourite freelensed images from this month. Feel free to follow the blog circle and check out Kathy’s gorgeous work at¬†KG Ledbetter Photography!